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We’ve all experienced broken trust or crushed expectations in one form or the other.

It sucks, it hurts and it can be damn hard to love and trust again.

Practice Yoga Yoga is known to tone your body and reduce stress but it also ramps up your sex life.

Yoga poses increase your libido by increasing circulation to the pelvic region.

It wasn’t until recently that the half ass commitment mentality hit me.

Since this is a page all about relationships I’ll relate it to that but we can half ass anything in life.

It also opens up your body physically and increases flexibility.

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A relationship should stay exciting and interesting.

Here’s 6 ways you can turn up the heat and put the spice back into your sex life.

Set the Scene After a stressful day or week sometimes you just need to set the scene to get in the mood. It’s the little things that can help us unwind and set the mood for a great night with your partner.

Do you just wait for the ball to drop with each and every date?

The thing about dating is we’ve all had our heart broken.

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