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" plague Skype is rife with technical landmines, and we've all had those annoying "Can you hear me now? While most employers are forgiving, they are also pressed for time. Dropped calls are understandable, but they distract from the interview and reflect poorly on your ability to plan ahead.Don't rely on the built in microphone unless you want to sound like you're in a bat cave. Finally, have your resume or link to your portfolio ready, just in case your interviewer needs to view it over Skype.Certainly, the Skype interview doesn't replace face-to-face interviews, but it allows people to get a much better feel for their potential colleagues early on in the process.I've held a dozen Skype interviews in the last month alone.Social media can make a relationship a lot more complicated. Back in 2011, they were the happiest of couples, telling everybody how they were working together to make video calling in Facebook Messenger a reality.

Microsoft declined to comment on the end of its Skype deal with Facebook.The Skype video interview is now firmly part of the job application process. Skyping has become a verb, joining the ranks of googling, xeroxing and photoshopping.Skype usage has nearly doubled in the last two years, to over 700 million minutes used every single day. (Our marketing team is still working on transforming our beloved company "EF" into a verb.) Skype has enabled video calls to dominate the interview process.A market research firm, the Aberdeen Group, found that 42 percent of companies used video interviews to recruit last year, compared to 10 percent of companies in 2010.At EF Education First, we use Skype for 90 percent of first round prospective employee interviews.If your employer decides to do voice instead of video, your profile image will be front and center for the duration of the interview. 3) Acedia: Don't mess up your prime time moment (For those of you who are not up on your deadly sins, acedia is a little known sin of neglecting to take care of something that one should do.) Treat your Skype interview like you are preparing for your television debut, where you are the director, producer and the star. One candidate I interviewed wore sweatpants and an XXL t-shirt. her time, but in an interview, I don't want to be imagining her getting out of bed, but rather getting into the office.

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