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Roger Broughton In addition to Bournemouth and Huddersfield, trolleybus coasting brakes were also specified by the Ministry of Transport for the LPTB and Brighton for certain routes.The coasting brake was applied by the driver using a switch or lever on the master controller.If you have a question you would like an answer to please get in touch and I will put it on this page.08/11/17 Destination Banner I have just bought a destination banner off a local bus but I’m not sure which route it would have been. The banner says "Stonnall via Aldridge" – anyone got any ide which route this would have been and the operator please?It is complete, but has not run for many years and could do with a new coat of paint.I am not so sure about the 1940s/50s – my impression was that East Notts was a late invention (by NBC? non-Lincolnshire) routes of Lincolnshire Road Car Co – mainly, I think, Newark locals (80 Farndon; 81 Balderton; 82 Hawtonville – there may have been others). I have checked a number of sources which reference larger independents in Newark (Wright’s, Gash) and long gone smaller ones such as Goodwin, Garood etc., but no mention of an East Notts.I have a mid 1970’s Nottinghamshire CC/Lincolnshire Road Car timetable for all Newark bus services, which identifies the relevant routes as East Notts, Lincolnshire or shared as appropriate.

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West Yorkshire Road Car Company ran to Malton, York, Leeds, Bradford, Harrogate.If C of F’s, the equivalent of a commercial MOT, had been introduced by ’65, could that have been inserted in your third disc holder?21/07/17 Trolley Bus Coasting Brake Could one or some of you knowledgeable members of the site please explain the operation of the trolley coasting brake as used on Huddersfield and Bournemouth vehicles.When I left West Yorkshire Road Car in 1987, engines were still fully bench tested at Central Works on the firm’s two dynamometers, and we simply did a visual smoke check of the engine shop’s external exhaust stack with an engine under full load.Although I’m not sure of the exact date 0.680 production ceased, certainly WY’s Leyland National 2s delivered between 1980-1982 with 0.680 (L11) engines, which had many parts in common with the turbocharged TL11 engines fitted to Tiger TRC coaches, again simply had visual smoke checks based on "t’ rack of t’ eye" techniques, rather than anything more technical. 03/08/17 MCW Metrobus I was wondering where I could find the technical drawings for the MCW Metrobus, I am doing a 3D project and wanted to bring this bus back to life so to speak for a bus simulator.Certainly Lincolnshire were in the town by the late 1930’s and some of these were absorbed.

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