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MM reference is taken from Michael Mitchiner's book "Oriental Coins and their Values - The World of Islam" by Hawkins Publications 1977 (ISBN 0904173151). The fort was built by Akbar in 1581, to protect his empire against the inroads of his brother, Hakim Mirza, governor of Kabul; and he named it Atak-Banaras (now known as Attock) in contrast to Katak-Banaras, the fort which lay in the south-east corner of his empire.

Mulher (Mayurnagari) is a village in the Nashik district of Maharashtra, India. Another story goes that Akbar, finding the Indus river impassable, named the fortress Atak, 'the obstacle,' and that when he effected a crossing he founded Khairabad, 'the abode of safety,' on the western bank of the river.

If we want to do other stuffs than what the delivered app package does, we need to create our Event Handler ,extending the core EOAW classes. Since this field is going to be a non key , this is not going to impact to workflow and we can add it without issues.

You may add it in the header record and use it on the page.

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With the recent release of Peopletools, peoplesoft has moved from the traditional workflow to the AWE(Approval Workflow Engine). In that case the ususal page class peoplecode, page.displayonly won’t be affective and it will make buttons and hyperlinks also disabled and you can not change it via peoplecode.

import EOAW_CORE: ENGINE: App Inst; import EOAW_CORE: ENGINE: User Step Inst; import EOAW_CORE: ENGINE: Thread; import TRAVERSEALLFIELDS: Disable Fields; class Web Asset Appr_Event Handler extends EOAW_CORE: Approval Event Handler method On Header Approve(&appinst As EOAW_CORE: ENGINE: App Inst); method On Header Deny(&userinst As EOAW_CORE: ENGINE: User Step Inst); private method Update Status(&thread As EOAW_CORE: ENGINE: Thread, &status As string); method component Display Only(&Rs As Rowset); end-class; method On Header Approve / &appinst as EOAW_CORE: ENGINE: App Inst / / Extends/implements EOAW_CORE: Approval Event Handler. Update Status(&appinst.thread, “X”); end-method; method On Header Deny / &userinst as EOAW_CORE: ENGINE: User Step Inst / / Extends/implements EOAW_CORE: Approval Event Handler. Update Status(&userinst.thread, “D”); end-method; method Update Status / &thread as EOAW_CORE: ENGINE: Thread, / / &status as String / /* &thread.recname contains the header record name, but we are * using a sibling record so we have to hard code the record name */ Local Record &asset_rec = Create Record(Record.

T_HEADER); /* &contains the cross reference record which has * header record keys*/ &

One of Approver approves the request and the Asset status is set to Approved else Denied. Refresh(); %This.component Display Only(Get Level0()); end-method; method component Display Only / &Rs as Rowset / Local number &i, &j, &k; For &i = 1 To &Rs.

Each of these events are handled by AWE delivered class EOAW: CORE.

"Tatta" mint name written at bottom while Ilhai year (41) on its right side.

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