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Es handelt sich hierbei um einen wunderschönen Korallenton mit sehr ausgewogenem Orangeanteil, so dass ich die Farbe auf den Lippen als zarten "Pfirsichton" beschreiben würde.

Es sind fast mikroskopisch feine Schimmerpartikel enthalten. Der Lippenstift gleitet förmlich über die Lippen und verbindet sich sehr gut mit ihnen.

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The smell is nice, it's a bit sweet, but not overwhelmingly so. I want to get more, It's very spectuacular and very unique.

The color selection is different and I will have to explore that some more.

Don't hesitate to try this one if you like a long wear lipstick. 04, Rose Mademoiselle, because I was attracted to the beautiful cold pink. It should work as a lip care product, but I can't find any benefits from it in terms of moisture or softness.

When I saw that L'Oréal made a version of this I had to try it.

The packaging is better than the revlon lip butter it is easy to hold and with a transparent cover so that we can see the color.

The glitter in this product is very pretty and well balanced (I have the shade cherry and sassy).

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