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The Learning Channel—better known as TLC—just announced that one of its most successful shows will get a reboot.Trading Spaces aired from 2000 to 2008 and introduced the world to a cast and crew that remains ingrained in the psyches of all design-obsessed, reality-show addicts of the early aughts.Beyond the big announcement of the show’s return, there’s much that we don’t know.

Through Mosey 'N Me, Frank continues to help novice designers break into the art and DIY crafting world through selling patterns for craft projects, fabrics, and crafting art supplies.Some of the designs were over-the-top, some were thoughtful remodels of previously boring living rooms or bedrooms.As Brock Keeling, editor of Curbed SF, recalls, “With the exception of a few (like the beach room and hay room), most all of the design reveals were better than what the couples began with.” And nearly every admittedly formulaic episode of Trading Spaces was damn entertaining TV.Her collection currently includes rugs, textiles, wallpaper and stationary, and will soon expand into children's furniture and decor.Frank has continued to use his eye for design and love for crafting throughout the years.Ty is also the author to two design and renovation guidebooks: Faber Dewar has continued to pursue his passion for carpentry over the years, but has also invested his time in several startup businesses focused on environmental consciousness.

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