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The scientist, Othniel Charles Marsh, was in- terested. The skeleton was excavated by German paleontologists in Tendaguru, in present-day Tanzania, during a four-year ex- pedition that ended in 1912. From Como Bluff, Wyoming, an obscure way station along the new Union Pacific Railroad, a couple of rail- road employees wrote a letter to a wealthy eastern scientist, telling him of some large bones which they had seen weathering out of the nearby bluffs.2 SURVEY 7 OS January 1975 Field Museum of Natural History Bulletin m &*&■*, JS t*0m ^^Jg^- - **w ■■'***«: ml ti -ft* £2 yaffil usa Si E $&& JAN 2 1975 1 , * t ™ ,,'#'*\, r ^tffer I :««7r '-**.. Walsten Staff Writer: Madge Jacobs Production: Oscar Anderson 10 BRACHIOSAURUS: The Biggest Dinosaur of Them All By David Young OUR ENVIRONMENT 12 FIELD BRIEFS 14 THE SCULPTOR WHO COLLECTED BUTTERFLIES By David M. He chose the area traversed by that railroad because it bisected what is known geologically as the Morrison Formation — a massive deposit covering large portions of Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah.****";: €*f Field Museum of Natural History Bulletin January 1975 Vol. Walsten 19 ASCENT OF MAN back JANUARY AT FIELD MUSEUM cover Calendar of Coming Events Field Museum of Natural History Founded 1893 Director: E. The formation, which is prob- ably the richest dinosaur-fossil digging ground in the world, was laid down some 140 million years ago at the end of the Jurassic geological period. An expedition from the American Museum of Natural History in New York discovered a shepherd's cabin near Medicine Bow, Wyoming, made entirely from dinosaur bones. Before the century had ended, other scientists and museums entered the great dinosaur hunt.But Crook launched any later fightback to acquire a spot that has a h2 tags simply by Todd Barnes as well as a photo simply by Marc Ellison, in which the Tennessee store must have performed much better having. p=gucci-factory-outlet]gucci factory outlet[/url] [url= p=cheap-gucci-sunglasses]cheap gucci sunglasses[/url] ? p=cheap-gucci-bags]cheap gucci bags[/url] 02/14/2014 April:13: Fifty-seven Pm PSTRelated Jan 35: Jan 18: February Several: [url=

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• :.i aaaafcitgjtrt;' mumk LIBRARY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT URBANA-CHAMPAIGN 607.05 F I V.4G-46 cop. Chicago didn't have a Brontosaurus, so Riggs wrote persons in several towns along the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad asking if any fossil bones had been found nearby.

The only mounted Brachiosaurus skele- ton in existence, in the Berlin Museum, stands forty feet tall.

2 A healthy adult giraffe, the tallest living animal, stands seventeen feet high.

Even though in error, the name Brontosaurus, which means "thunder lizard," caught the public imagination and has been popularly used ever since. He esti- mated Brontosaurus' weight at a maximum of 35.8 tons; but Brachiosaurus, according to his calculations, tipped the scales at an amazing 85.63 tons. 2076, 1972.) which he calculates belonged to a crea- ture with a neck forty feet long.

Wilkins Life Trustees William Mc Cormick Blair Joseph N. Marsh in 1879 named Brontosaurus from some bones found at Como Bluff, Wyo., but the bones later turned out to be from a genus previously named Apatosaurus. Colbert of the American Museum of Natural History in 1962 calculated the weight of 14 different dinosaurs based on body volume and specific gravity.

The Amer- ican press was quick to herald through- out the country reports of each new dis- covery," he said.

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