How to tell kids about dating after a divorce datingsite voor hoger opgeleiden


They are looking to you to see how to manage life's challenges and that includes leaning on you for support not the other way around.

Dear Mom and Dad, Please come and celebrate my triumphs even if the other parent is there. That's right, your child's recitals, graduations, games, broken bones etc.

Kids want and need special time with Mom and Dad, one on one.

It can be challenging to arrange if you are divorced or if you have more than one child.

You may hate your Ex and not want to be in the same room as them. they need you both there, even if you hate your ex.

I'm not suggesting you shouldn't honor your feelings and if the situation is unsafe that has to be taken into consideration.

Dear Mom and Dad, When you tell me mean things about each other it hurts my feelings and changes who I am.

Criticizing, telling unsavory tales, sarcastically joking about them and/or their choices has the impact of telling your child those same things about themselves. Save the frustration, anger, negativity and judgement for discussions with adults, your own therapist, divorce attorney etc.As kids get older and start to show their personality and opinions as individuals it can be tempting to treat your kid like a friend.But they don't need to know about your dates, your lizard boss, your body image issues or your sex life etc.That is not to say you can never be angry, sad or have a bad day.You can be all of those things and say how you feel, but all of the details are likely not something they need to know.Talking to your kid about bills, loans, child support or the divorce process, is not their concern.

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