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MADtv continues to dish out the laughs and lunacy in its 14th farce-filled season!

The fast-paced, Emmy®-winning comedy series has proven to be a viewers’ favorite with its unrivalled pop-culture parodies and politically incorrect humor.

With a cast that has evolved and changed since its first season, MADtv has featured over 30 full-time cast members, many of whom have gone on to star in film, television and radio.

Current full-time cast members include: Bobby Lee, Nicole Parker, Keegan-Michael Key, Arden Myrin, Crista Flanagan, Johnny Sanchez, and four new cast members: Matt Braunger, Erica Ash, Eric Price and Lauren Pritchard.

VOTE FOR ME OPEN: Arden Myrin and Keegan Michael Key campaign to be the show opener.

EVERLASTING LOVE#1: A parody of an e Harmony commercial featuring Nicole Parker and Matt Braunger.

During its 13 seasons, the ensemble cast has created an impressive array of wildly popular characters and has featured hundreds of guest stars (everyone from Jack Black to Jackie Chan) and musical acts (from Marilyn Manson to Alanis Morrisette).

The Hills #1: Lo (Crista Flanagan) and LC (Nicole Parker) eat cheese and consider Anitra (Lauren Pritchard) as their new roommate.FAVRE: Parody of the Best Damn Sports Show Period featuring Favre fans.BURGER KNIGHT: A parody of a Burger King commercial featuring Dark Knight merchandise. SHOW CLOSE: KEEGAN: Show close featuring Keegan Michael Key.MAD MEN: Eric Price and Matt Braunger act like characters from the show “Mad Men.” FACEBOOK: Various celebrities experience online social networking.NACHO: Nacho and his dance crew talk to a reporter and sell i Phones outside the Apple store.JOHN MAYER: John Mayer sings about his relationships with Hollywood starlets.

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