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Apart from being a gesture towards promoting ethnic harmony, this could be understood as an acknowledgement of the influence which the clergy of all faiths is deemed to wield on lay society.

And, as a feature of popular politics, I venture to suggest that it is observable far less frequently elsewhere in South Asia, even in areas of mixed ethnicity.

For reference, an interactive map with a quick breakdown of the gay marriage situation in each state is available here.

The Pennsylvania ruling has consolidated the northeast as the second American region (alongside the states of the Pacific coast) to boast full marriage equality.

Additionally, a recent Gallup poll has indicated that a record-high (55%) percentage of Americans agree that “marriages between same-sex couples should…

be recognized by the law as valid, with the same rights as traditional marriages”, as seen below.

Coming right off the back of a similar ruling in Oregon, the recent Pennsylvania Supreme Court decision against the state’s same-sex marriage ban made it the 19th state, alongside the District of Columbia, to allow gay marriage (or, depending on your tolerance for semantics, the 25th – if you include states that currently don’t disallow it).

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On account of the turbulent conditions that prevailed in the ‘north-east’ of Sri Lanka from the mid-1980s to 2009, there has been no census enumeration covering the entire country since 1981 until that of 2011-12.

Regardless of the tone and intent with which Scalia’s prognosis was produced, several publications across the political spectrum have noted just how prophetic it has turned out to be.

Indeed, in the summer of 2014 we have reached an interesting point where a District Court Judge appointed by George W.

Bush is citing language written by a Supreme Court Justice appointed by Ronald Reagan in striking down popular state-level bans on gay marriage. famously said that “the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice”.

Indeed, he is in good company, with the vast majority of post-Windsor pushes for equality coming via judicial review attached to explicit references to the landmark case (see above). In America that arc often proves itself to be frustratingly long, but it continues to bends nonetheless. said that “neither the Federal Government nor another state should be allowed to dictate to Tennessee what has traditionally been a state’s responsibility”. Pyles-Borman was, in fact, brought to the court in order to determine the state’s ability to provide the couple with a divorce (by recognizing the validity of their marriage which took place in Iowa).

At the moment, approximately 48% of Americans live in a state with full marriage equality.

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