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Jana gave up on karma and being the "June Cleaver" of Genoa City, and helped Kevin steal the money back.While visiting his mother in jail, Kevin met the woman posing as Kay Chancellor.Nanny to Lucy Abbott at time of death Former art teacher at Tiny Tots Daycare Former manager of Crimson Lights Coffeehouse Former assistant to Sabrina at the Newman Modern Art Gallery Former manager of Crimson Lights Coffeehouse Former morgue photographer in Racine, WI Former au pair in London Admitted to the murder of Carmen Mesta; released after surgery to remove a brain tumor; charges were dropped Conspired with her father, Milan, to steal Nazi treasures Lured Kevin and Colleen to an abandoned warehouse, set it on fire, and left them there to die Left a false trail of evidence leading people to believe she was murdered Breaking and entering at the home of Nick and Phyllis Newman to retrieve money Noah had hidden there; was never caught.Breaking and entering at a pawn shop to retrieve records of who Katherine Chancellor's emerald ring was sold to; was questioned by police Kidnapped Lucy and Delia Abbott, held Kevin Fisher hostage Brain tumor; was removed and she recovered Suffered raging headaches whenever she or Kevin were in trouble and separated Cerebral hemorrhage; coiling procedure left her without emotions Faked memory loss after she hit herself over the head to explain Daisy's escape A brain aneurysm caused her death Kevin Fisher hired a new employee named Jana Hawkes for his coffeehouse, Crimson Lights.Kevin was torn between his love and hate for Jana, as she told the police that the others were there, and he had all that money, which they all denied, saying she was crazy.Jana needed surgery for which she could not pay, and went in and out of her delusion that she and Kevin were married and had two kids named Nigel and Kate.However, Jana suddenly disappeared, and so much of her blood was found in the park, she was feared dead.Jana had been saving up her blood to set this all up.

Gloria and Michael gave him a tongue-lashing over his abandoning them before Michael was born, and Lowell retorted with cosmic gibberish about fate and the universe, and asked them not to turn him in to the "Feds." Michael gave Lowell hell, with tears of hurt in his eyes, but left saying he would not turn his father in.

All in hippie attire except for Jana's white lace gown, Amber was the maid of honor, and Daniel was Kevin's best man, with Michael as groomsman.

Lauren, Gloria and Jeffrey attended, and Colleen tagged along as Daniel's date.

Meanwhile, Daniel and Colleen had sex; Amber spotted them, and left.

Jana and Kevin honeymooned, driving a '69 Dodge Charger up the California coast.

Once Kay Chancellor was supposedly dead, Kevin's temptation to spend the money she had left in a satchel at Crimson Lights got the best of him, but Jana found out, disapproved, and, although they needed it for repairs at Crimson Lights, she gave the remaining ,000 to Lowell for the Ashram, thinking it would cleanse their karma.

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