Google voice widget not updating after again dating divorce

In 2007, a telephony service called Grand Central was purchased by Google.

Google Voice then launched in 2009, with an enhanced featured set based on that service.

If you’re an avid Voice user, you know that this update was a long time coming.

Those who lost track of Google Voice might not even have known the service was still active.

First launched in 2009, Google Voice is a free service that provides users with a real phone number they can use on a variety of devices.

With apps for Android, i OS, and the web, Voice is a great solution for anyone who needs a backup phone number or wants one number to ring multiple devices.

Voice continued along until 2014, when Google merged much of its feature set into Google Hangouts.

If you have a Voice number and want to transfer your carrier number or get a completely new number for Fi, your Google Voice number will be released and you can’t access it or Google Voice at all while you’re a Fi subscriber. These rapid changes and replacement services are hard to follow, and we haven’t even touched on the relationship between Hangouts and Voice yet.

Before this update, you had to use Hangouts to get MMS and group texts to work properly.

Now, these work seamlessly right inside the Voice app — you can send off pictures just like any other messaging app.

Of course, Voice staples like voicemail transcriptions are here and accounted for as well.

After five years of silence, Google has assured everyone that it will continue to update the Voice app with more features.

The app keeps three separate tabs for SMS, calls, and voicemail, and it actually uses threaded conversations like the standard has been for years.

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