Girls taking dirty virtual sex


Why you need it: Finally end the debate about whether you should do it in a fire truck or not. Why you need it: In the awkward, early stages of a relationship, this app lets you have that frivolous pillow talk all day long! What it does: Kindu suggests ideas for you and your partner to try out in the bedroom.You rate each one as "definitely," "no thanks," or "maybe - open to discussion" and the app matches up your and your partner's responses. What it does: Keep all your shared pics, videos, and messages in one place.Why you need it: If you get nervous just suggesting a new date spot, let alone your desire to go to a peep show, this app is for you. You can even "hug" your baby by holding your phone to your chest.Why you need it: You can receive a notification when your love's battery is dying. What it does: Wickr allows you to send texts, pictures, videos, even PDFs that can last from three seconds to six days.It just kind of set off a thought process in my head of how nowadays games like to make you romance your in-game NPC companions. Especially after having just gotten done with (The good one.I think Bio Ware started this trend, although I may be wrong on that. *wink*) you can’t get your wasteland, post apocalyptic cupid fix. Sure the wastes were a little bit lonelier but maybe you can just go there without going there and that’s good enough if you catch my drift.

It keeps track of your favorite mood music and even what you're wearing (so you can strip it off later).It would be silly to think Rockstar could (or would want to for that matter) make it so that you watch Niko’s relationships with women he meets online form organically.I’m not exactly complaining about this or wanting it to be in the game.Why you need it: You'll never have to struggle to coordinate when exactly you're going to hit the play button on that cute cat video again. What it does: Lok Lok syncs your lock screens so you can use them as a virtual message board.Why you need it: You can send those important goofy selfies and your bae is guaranteed to see them without conspicuously unlocking their phone. What it does: This app analyzes movement and audio data to give you statistical feedback on your performance in the bedroom.Awkward kissing like watching two sock puppets go at it, researching the likes and dislikes of a fictional character to score likability points, and going on dates which, because this is a video game, generally amounts to chauffeuring a fake person through a virtual world for ten minutes before you can advance to the next stage.

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