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On Ben Affleck and Strippers: Stern asked whether Paltrow and Affleck were on bitter terms because she reportedly once said that he "would be better off dating a Scores stripper." To which she replied, "Well, that was true at the time. On Sex Tapes With Brad Pitt: Paltrow joked that she and her former fiancé never made a sex tape, sharing, "Do you know what's so sad? And on a serious note, about her former flame, the blond beauty confessed that her father "was devastated when we broke up," explaining, "My father loved him like a son."4. Stern applauded Paltrow for telling her famous pal that more oral sex would result in fewer fights in her relationships.

Ini hanya cara kami mengucapkan terima kasih atas dukungan Anda untuk produk dan layanan kami.

"It depends on how many blow jobs you give them," Paltrow joked.

John Schofield, of the Department of Archaeology at the University of York, and independent researcher Paul Graves-Brown say the graffiti, found behind cupboards in the property in Denmark Street, is 'a direct and powerful representation of a radical and dramatic movement of rebellion'.

Terdapat screenshot percakapan melalui layanan Whats App antara Firza dengan seseorang yang disebut sebagai Habib Rizieq dalam video berdurasi sekitar empat menit. Anggota tim advokasi Gerakan Nasional Pengawal Fatwa (GNPF) Kapitra Ampera menduga ada pihak tertentu yang ingin mencemarkan nama baik Habib Rizieq. Hikmahnya sangat kasar," ucap Kapitra saat dihubungi wartawan, Senin (30/1/2017).

Kapitra membantah, percakapan dalam aplikasi Whats App antara Habib Rizieq dengan Firza Husein dituliskan oleh kliennya. "Orang bisa dengar itu suara Habib Rizieq atau bukan. Kapitra menjelaskan, sejak aksi damai 4 November 2016 lalu, Habib Rizieq tidak lagi memegang telepon genggam.

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