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8C= 8 inch penis)c2c: cam to cam or cock to cock Crystal: crystal methd/d or ddf: drug and disease freediscrete: sex that is kept secret, no strings attacheddl: down low, similar to discretedwm: dominant white maleff: fuck friendsgf: girlfriendgl: good lookinghead: oral sexhj: hand jobhwp-: height and weight proportionateiso: in search ofj/o: jack off, masturbate togetherl4: looking forlkn: lookingltr: long term relationshipm4m or, m2m: male for male, male to malembm: married black malemwm: married white maleneg: HIV negative NSA: no strings attachedpnp: party & play, sex with drugs, usually crystal methpoz: HIV positiver/t: real time, sex now, offlinesmth: smooth or hairlesssub: submissivevers: versatile (top or bottom for anal sex)vgl: very good lookingws: watersports (still confused? ) For what it’s worth, we found that men seem to use more acronyms than women, especially on the men seeking men pages in personal ads.However, in online adult dating sites or sex chat rooms, acronyms are used by both males and females.Not surprisingly, there are a number of different codes used in online ads, some for soliciting sexual activity while others are used simply as descriptors.

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I had no previous experience in this area, but I had no trouble understanding the subject matter for the most part.If entering a sex chat room, it’s helpful to not just know the abbreviated lingo, but to understand chat room etiquette.Usually, chat rooms will have an FAQ page to inform you of the rules before you enter.In addition, there is pressure around being in the know with current lingo around sex.So while most people know what a bj is (it’s OK if you don’t), 8C or bbw might be a little more elusive.13", "Sandy Park Girls", "The Hallway Closet"....(Mf, Mf, Wife, anal, anal, anal, fisting, interacial, interracial, interracial, m/ffff, nc, nc, oral, oral, oral, other, pissing, pissing, pre, pregnant, pussy, rape, slut, teen, teen, teen, torture, torture, virgin, virgin, pissing) of "Bath Time With The Boys", "Big Hoses And Little Squirts", "More Bath Time With The Boys"....(M/mm, M/mm, MMM/mmm, dad/son, mast/oral, masturbation, masturbation, uncle/nephews, uncle/nephews, ws, yng, uncle/nephews mast/oral) of "1st Erotic Image", "2nd Erotic Image", "3rd Erotic Image", "4 Little Girl Quickies", "4th Erotic Image", "5th Erotic Image", "6th Erotic Image", "A Daughter's Discipline Continues, In the Pedo Zone! ", "Ball Game, 1st Quarter", "Bernard and Cassandra", "Chu-Chu-Train-In-Tunnel", "DFMS! )", "Daddy Dresses Me Really, Really Sexy", "Daddy's Naughty Little Girl", "Double Drugged Debauchery", "Easter with the Twins", "Erotic Fairy Tales", "Erotic Imaginations, From Toddler to Teen, She's 11", "Erotic Imaginations; From Toddler to Teen, She's 13", "Erotic Imaginations; From Toddler to Teen, She's 7", "Erotic Imaginations; From Toddler to Teen, She's 9", "Erotic Imaginations; From Toddler to Teen, She's Five", "Erotic Imaginations; From Toddler to Teen, She's Three", "Father's Day Surprise", "First Blood, At the Park", "Fuck Toys in the Year 2502", "Granddaughter Sex", "Grandma's Headache Cure", "Have You Ever had a Little Girl? Bruised Sushi", "Making (and Tasting) Cream Filled Camel Toes", "Manipulating Mandy", "Mommy's Little Girl", "My 1st Pedo Movie", "My 2nd Pedo Movie", "Pappy Gets a Little", "Pesterin' Sweetness", "Sex Ed 1.50", "Skin Violin", "Sleeping Beauty, the First Night", "Slum Lord, part 2", "Smooth Sailing in Troubled Waters", "Sniffing Bike Seats and Other Forms of Motorcycle Madness", "The Lemonade Stand", "The Mime and Little Emily Ann", "The Sculptor and the Peasant Girl", "The Slum Lord", "The Therapy Session", "Tokyo Blues...

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