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How does an Ottawa company with no shipbuilding experience get a job managing the rebuild of the world famous two-masted schooner Bluenose II in Lunenburg? Add a genuine need to rebuild or replace the vessel and match it with a federal infrastructure stimulus fund looking for projects to back.

Franklin Holtforster, president and CEO of MHPM Project Managers Inc.

Kevin Lacey, Atlantic region director for the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, says MHPM let spending get out of hand. “If the costs, expenses and performance of MHPM doesn’t make you angry enough, consider that our government approved every single expense that was charged to us taxpayers," Lacey said.

“The project managers’ role is to ensure the Bluenose rebuild was done on time and on budget,” he said. .(If) the project managers couldn't control their costs why did the government ever expect them to keep the costs of the Bluenose in check? In May, 2014 more than seven months after the provincial Liberals came to power, the province parted company with MHPM and hired current project manager Fitt.

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MHPM says it delivers “innovative and sustainable projects on budget on schedule and as planned.” RELATED Describing MHPM, Holtforster boasted in an interview with the Ottawa Business Journal: “You know how construction projects always go to hell and are over budget and always late?

Ours don’t.” The Bluenose II project is now five years behind schedule and .5 million over budget, with replacement yet again of the rudder and steering components of the vessel expected this winter.

Work is expected to be finished in time for the tall ships regattas next summer, says current project manager Wilson Fitt, of Costello Fitt Ltd. Stephen Vaslet, MHPM's vice-president in Halifax, signed the contract with the province in October, 2009 and began issuing monthly bills for ,000 plus expenses, including costs for “other consultants.” The open-ended contract, which carried no fines or penalties for delays or incentives to finish the work ahead of the completion date also allowed for subcontractors.

was awarded the Bluenose ll project in the fall of 2009.

MHPM, a commercial real estate company, is part of a group of global real estate firms owned by one of the largest U. commercial real estate corporations, First Service Corp. MHPM had no previous experience with ship building or design, Holtforster said at the time.

"Not only did the Bluenose end up late and over budget but MHPM billed taxpayers for thousands in extra expenses for travel, meals and phones. At the time, the Premier’s office said Fitt’s job was to fix the rudder issue on the Bluenose.

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