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If I may, let me start at the end, by saying that I believe this to be THE best personal account of national service by a combat soldier in the old South African Defence Force that I have read to date.Forget the rather negative sounding promotional blurb that you may have read, about the author almost ending up as Jake La Motta’s son-in-law, or about him becoming a boxer in the United States.Bear in mind that the Federation had a colonial police force, the British South African Police, which was larger than its armed forces.Federation army and air force units augmented the British Empire and Commonwealth commands in the various post World War II conflicts of "national liberation." They also saw combat service as part of the independence struggles of southern Africa from Portugal, Great Britain, and South Africa.The first of these is when he and his Valk returned from weeks of foot slogging through Angola, where they had done some hard fighting and were sorely in need of rest and peace.Instead, on regaining their base, he discovered that his pet cats had been brutally and needlessly killed by a PF infantry Staff Sergeant while he was away on operations.

If I had to rate this autobiography on a scale of one to ten, I would give it an eleven. Cape Town’s Child - 2010-03-08 This book is a fast-moving, action-packed account of Granger Korff's two years' service during 1980/81 with 1 Parachute Battalion at the height of the South African "bush war" in Namibia (South West Africa) and Angola.First impressions can be false though, and I am pleased to say that mine were in this instance.Any person who has had to endure what the author and his comrades did, through tough training and later on a succession of external operations into Angola in 1981, will have to admire his human spirit and endurance under extreme duress.By Mark Adams and Chris Cocks (Boksburg Industrial: RLI Regimental Association, 2012. 320.) During the short lived British Commonwealth Central African Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland several military units were formed in the 1960s that would feature in the subsequent Unilateral Declaration of Independence by Southern Rhodesia and the ensuing Bush War between 19.One was the Rhodesian Light Infantry (RLI), an all-white regular regiment formed to balance the black manned Rhodesian African Rifles.Other units established at the same time were a Special Air Service (SAS) Squadron and an armored car squadron.

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