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If after reading that you’ve really had enough, then take a look at the post I wrote a while back about 5 alternatives to Skype.

I only cheated on my husband once, depending on how you count. My husband and me, the best man and his wife and the bride's single brother joined them.

Until they finally take action, there is unfortunately very little you can do about this problem other than restrict messages to only those that are in your contact list.

On Windows, do the following: Doing this obviously limits your availability on Skype and will cause problems if someone is trying to call you for the first time and you haven’t added them to your contacts.

However, until Skype starts blocking spam itself, this is the most effective way to protect yourself from uninvited guests.

For a more in depth look at Skype spam, check out this interesting article at Vo IP News which dates the problem back to early 2008.

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"We have time before we catch the shuttle." Carla, the best man's wife, wasn't really over her hangover and went back to their room a bit later.Anyway, we were having a wonderful time telling stories about each other, tiptoeing around subjects that were best only alluded to, and of course finishing off the bottles.Jose, the best man, started clinking a glass, demanding Ralph kiss his bride Sheila yet again.As my orgasm started, I heard Jose unzipping his pants. As Jose was pumping away, I managed to open Mark's fly and take out his cock.I was sucking away on him and writhing with my second orgasm when I felt wave after wave of Jose's hot semen jet forth inside me. I don't know how Mark had hung on so long in my mouth, but he only took a second to come round between my legs and I guided his cock into my vagina.Clink, clink, clink became "Go, go, go." As she started to writhe with pleasure, Ralph managed to unclip her bra at the front and we all got a look at her chest.

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