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Great, we now have a Do-more Deice that will manage the hardware for us. We didn’t add any I/O to the system and since we didn’t create a new heap item, there’s nothing to look at in the memory configuration. To talk to the Soft Starter via Explicit Ether Net/IP messaging, we just drop an Explicit messaging instruction on a rung and fill in the blanks.We just talk to it and it handles all the low level messaging, buffer management, handshaking, and timing, etc. We want to use the new Soft Starter Do-more Device we just created and the Soft Starter is at this IP address.First , to run the starter via Ether Net/IP you have to set this Network control bit to a one. This little triangle also reminds me this instruction is triggered on an edge. It’s the exact same thing so I’ll just copy this instruction and paste it down here.So we just copy these numbers over to here, class 41, instance 1, attribute 5 and we want to set that on the starter. The only difference is we want to write to attribute 3 now.The Do-more is a client making requests of the SR55 soft starter which is the server, so we don’t need to setup a server on the Do-more.

The first thing you see is a list of all the things you can monitor and control on the SR55 Soft Starter via Ether Net/IP. Looks like Ether Net/IP coverage starts on page 5-9. If you go to the SR55 product page on the Automation Direct website and click on the User Manual, you will see a section dedicated to communications. • Show consideration and respect to others • Give thought to how your messages may be viewed and perceived by others • Do not upload images or add links to messages that may be deemed inappropriate • Read the Chat Rules below Chat Rules By entering a Gamtalk Chat room you agree not to post any messages that: • Are obscene, vulgar, sexually-oriented, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violative of any laws • Contradict the purpose or theme of the specific Chat Room • Advertises or contains links to any service in conflict to Gam Talk or problem gambling support in general or contains promotional material for any commercial organisation • Make inflammatory comments or accusations directed at any individual or specific organisation • Discloses the identity or contact details of any person without their explicit and prior consent • Seeks to engage interaction with Gamtalk users for the use or purpose of research or subsequent publication.All media enquiries should be directed to [email protected] It is strictly forbidden for Gamtalk users to create multiple usernames, we can identify multiple usernames through IP address and will ban individuals who create them. Automation Direct.com/google-plus Software Version used in this video: Do-more Designer 1.4.3Controlling the SR55 Soft Starter via Ether Net/IP Explicit Messaging is easy with the Do-more.

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