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As a dating safety net, we make sure they feel comfortable and confident.

Although the long-term goal is serious, the process of dating should be fun.” , which has classy offices in Belgravia as well as in Surrey, is very much its personal touch.

Sometimes we get wedding invitations in the post, or we have people coming to us because a friend has got married after using our service, and we weren’t even aware that the couple were still seeing each other.” It’s a particularly busy time of year for Hayley, as people are either acting on a New Year’s resolution to find love or are determined not to spend another Valentine’s Day on their own. People can be short-term motivated, particularly gentlemen, so it often takes an event to get them to act.

We have clients of varying status, different levels of wealth, but they are all in the same boat.

“We just want to open people’s eyes and give them positive experiences,” says Hayley.

“We encourage them to look outside their comfort zone.

“I think that meeting through a dating agency is still a little bit taboo,” she admits.

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“At the end of the day, it’s down to chemistry, that one spark, and I can’t bottle that.

“Once they get to date five or six, we move aside and stop being so intrusive and nosey,” she laughs. I still have an email from a gentleman who said he was going to marry a certain lady after they had been on their first date.

I didn’t think much about it, but it happened and now they have a child.” Over 75% of members will have a relationship of more than six months within the initial annual membership, says Hayley, although not all of them report back.

“I like to see them in an informal setting,” she explains.

“We are talking about emotional things, about their personal lives, and so I like them to feel relaxed, somewhere they can really open up.

They want to meet someone, but they may be very time-poor – and that’s where we come in.

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