Eom or end of month dating is the same as


For journals post month end it will need to use the month the journal applies to.It would also be useful to include the entered date in detailed transaction reports to be able to identify any transactions where this has occured.While you can use lock dates to prevent the invoice been entered as 25 Feb, this means you are forcing it into the system with the wrong date and you lose visibility of the due dates as these are based on a false date.

In the interim, I would like to see a report that includes the entered date as well as the transaction/invoice date which will make it easier to identify late posting invoices.The easiest solution would be to make the invoice generated date available when customising the invoice via invoice branding e.g.« Generated Date» This simple change would make our lives a lot easier, not sure if anyone else has a similar requirement? As often happens with Community, several different requests and use cases have made their way onto this thread.I'll have a shot at digging into the main points raised here.First off, the initial request from Ben - making the generated date available for DOCX templates would be relatively straightforward.Thanks Sorry Neil, Xero doesn't use entered date anywhere apart from history.

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