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Let's start your first day at school and get to know everyone including the cute boys!, a rather unique offering among PSVR games, launched alongside the headset in Japan back in November.which will come bundled with two DLCs, include English subtitles, and launch in Southeast Asian markets.The trailer below shows one of the DLC and its English subtitles: While there aren’t currently plans for an official Western release of falls into the niche game genre of the dating sim.There are numerous theories as to why this is, but one key reason could be that the Japanese just aren't having enough sex. But that their reality at that moment did not give them a chance to raise a family.A study performed by Japan's National Institute of Population and Social Security Research found that 60 percent of unmarried women and 70 percent of unmarried men between the ages of 18-34 weren't in a relationship and that a little less than 50 percent of that population were still virgins. Because work gets in the way.22% of Japanese people work over 50 hours a week – some regularly working over 18 hours of work in a single day!Two undeniable facts: Japan's birthrate has been in a steady decline since 1949 and Japan contains the largest quantity of dating sim games in the world – but are dating sims and the decline of Japan's birthrate somehow connected?Japan has, for the last 10 years, had more deaths than births in its country.

These are very similar to romance novels, only digital and mildly interactive. The dating sims offer various scenarios (catering to both male and female audiences, as well as catering to every sexuality and sexual preference), and are sometimes successful enough to warrant adaptation into anime. Japanese culture birthed this whole genre, in part because there was a demand for it.While dating sims do exist in English, the genre took shape in Japan, and remains the most popular place for dating sims.In these games, players get to date a character (usually from a pool of candidates) and try to win their affections.Hell, Iron Man, one of the most popular characters around, flies around in a metal, computerized suit. Japan's birthrate dipped below one million in 2016.Even Terminator has grown stale – the sci-fi titan barely able to draw in an audience. This doesn't mean that no babies were being born, but far more people were dying. The study showed that 90% of unmarried individuals felt as though they would get around to being married eventually, maybe having kids.Is it possible that dating sims and the decline of Japan's birthrate are not only linked, but so intrinsically so that we can solve the puzzle of why this is happening? " you may say, but I would argue that games are an incredible reflection of the culture that creates them, as it is with all entertainment. The monster is a very clear metaphor for the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

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