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We trust that they will be there tomorrow and the day after. They are almost boringly predictable and happy to be taken for granted.

We find a sound middle point between slavish compliance on the one hand and self-destructive defiance on the other.– In the emotionally healthy home, our carer isn’t jealous of or competitive with us.

We can pick out candidates who are kind and nurturing – and don’t judge them as weak or deficient for being so.

– In an emotionally healthy upbringing, we aren’t always required to be wholly good boys or girls.

They kept the chaos and noise at bay and cut the world up into manageable pieces for us.

They did not, all the while, ask that we thank them, understand them or show them sympathy.

The so-called narcissist is simply a benighted soul who has not had a chance to be inordinately and unreasonably admired at the start.

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