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The 3-prime end of this c DNA extends 335 nucleotides into intron 11, prompting 15448696] [Full Text]" pmid="15448696"El Shamy and Livingston (2004) to designate it IRIS for 'in-frame reading of BRCA1 intron 11 splice variant.' The deduced BRCA1-IRIS protein contains 1,399 amino acids.In vitro transcription-translation resulted in a protein with an apparent molecular mass of about 150 k D.(1994) identified c DNA sequences corresponding to the BRCA1 gene by positional cloning of the region on 17q21 implicated in familial breast-ovarian cancer syndrome (604370).The deduced 1,863-residue protein with zinc-finger domains near the N terminus.They showed that this region of chromosome 17 contains a tandem duplication of approximately 30 kb which results in 2 copies of BRCA1 exons 1 and 2, of exons 1 and 3 of the adjacent gene that 7997258] [Full Text]" pmid="7997258"Brown et al.(1994) designated 1A1-3B (M17S2; 166945), and of a previously reported 295-bp intergenic region.

As reviewed by 8589705] [Full Text]" pmid="8589705"Steeg (1996), granins are a family of acidic proteins that bind calcium and aggregate in its presence.Dear DNAinfo and Gothamist Readers: Today, I've made the difficult decision to discontinue publishing DNAinfo and Gothamist.Reaching this decision wasn't easy, and it wasn't one I made lightly.They noted that BRCA2 (600185) also includes a motif similar to the granin consensus at the C terminus of the protein.Both BRCA1 and the granins localize to secretory vesicles, are secreted by a regulated pathway, are posttranslationally glycosylated, and are responsive to hormones.BRCA1 plays critical roles in DNA repair, cell cycle checkpoint control, and maintenance of genomic stability.

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