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Unlike Inspector Morse, however, they can rely on technology to give them an early lead.Signals between Mr Greenwood’s missing mobile and phone masts show the route it travels after the murder — northwards towards Peterborough in Cambridgeshire, until it goes off network three hours later.The murderer also searched techniques of 'silent killing'.With Mr Greenwood’s mobile phone missing, detectives do not know who he last spoke to, or if he might have known his killer.But there is only one which travels the exact route of Mr Greenwood’s mobile: Michael Danaher’s blue Citroen Picasso.Danaher is arrested on day four of the investigation.Danaher listed methods of capture such as 'stun' and 'crate delivery' and highlighted his 'expected take'.

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In contrast, the second provides a compelling Morse-style murder mystery.

But there is nothing fictional about it, and some might find questionable its use as entertainment.

Last seen alive leaving a Sainsbury’s supermarket on the afternoon of April 6, Mr Greenwood — single after splitting from a long-term girlfriend — is found murdered at 3pm the following day when his cleaner arrives for work and lets herself in. His right jugular and airway are severed and his shoulder bone is splintered from the stamp of a boot.

A 10cm black plastic knife handle lies at the victim’s feet, but the blade is missing, along with Mr Greenwood’s wallet, bank card and mobile phone.

Gone, too, is the ‘crown jewel’ of his book collection — a rare first edition of Kenneth Grahame’s 1908 children’s novel The Wind In The Willows, which he had put up for sale for £50,000 on the internet marketplace e Bay.

Depressed since the collapse of his marriage, Danaher tells detectives that he took an overdose two weeks ago, but tearfully adds: ‘Sadly, I woke up.’In his first police interview, Danaher denies stabbing Mr Greenwood and his solicitor reads out this statement: ‘I am shocked to be accused of Adrian Greenwood’s murder. I am strongly denying this accusation.’But Danaher is exposed as a liar by his own son.

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