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vd K aside: “No, because it’s not in the textbooks!” APA: “The notion that childhood adverse experiences lead to substantive developmental reduction is more clinical intuition than a research-based fact. vd K aside: “We submitted research data on 200,000 children from around the world to substantiate our diagnosis.” APA: “The statements made cannot be backed up by prospective studies.” Dr. van der Kolk could make a lot more money as a TV comedy star, after dealing with this idiocy for a lifetime.One in six had an ACE Score of 4 or more; one in nine had an ACE Score of 5 or more.” In less privileged populations the numbers are far higher. van der Kolk describes a patient in the 1980s who could not recall if she were sexually abused, yet drew portraits of her family with menacing genitals.“So we went to the textbook — Freedman, Kaplan, & Sadock’s ‘Comprehensive Textbook of Psychiatry’ — with which I sat for my board exam in psychiatry.The large majority of them are none the worse for the experience ’.

“They also often mentioned verbal and physical abuse and other traumatic experiences such as watching their mother being beaten. Two-thirds (64-67%) of middle class subjects had one or more types of childhood trauma, and 38-42% had two or more types.It said: ‘Incest is very rare; it happens in 1 out of 1.1 million women.’ At the time there were about 200 million Americans, so I thought, ‘Hmm…About 100 million women, 110 women are incest victims; how come 47 of them are in my office?He spoke on DTD before the National Association of State Mental Health Directors, which treats 6.1 million patients a year with a billion budget, and they wrote to the APA urging that DTD be included in the next DSM-5 in 2013.But the APA refused and in June 2013, issued DSM-5 without mention of developmental trauma. Was anyone in your family a drug addict or an alcoholic?That’s up to 45 months living in general anxiety to non-stop terror — before age 3. DTD occurs as a continual process, not discrete incidents, while a baby has not developed a thinking brain able to recall incidents. v=j Yy EEMl MMb0 [FN2] Insecure Attachment as the Cause DTD is a “Relational Trauma, trauma in the context of a relationship” as Dr.

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