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Elora quickly steps in and tries to tell Ayandris that something with this weapon is causing her daughter's spirit to be cursed.However Ayandris totally ignores Elora, so Elora hides behind a pillar.She commands Cam to place the mace back, and Trellimar also makes it very clear to Cam to do this.Cam decides to cast Disguise Self and turns into a goblin, trying hard to convince the spirit that he was not acting of his own accord and instead this goblin is to blame for smashing her daughter's bones.The spirit falls for the ruse and Cam drops the mace as he flees the room.Elora picks the mace up to put it back in the tomb.As he holds it, he feels that there is something off about it.

Ayandris, now much calmer, tells her the Dryad is of Gulthian and must be stopped.It was broadcast live on the Yogscast Twitch channel on January 24, 2016.In this episode, our heroes confront the Elven Queen, Ayandris, to try and quell her spirit and remove the corruption in the burial chamber. The spirit of Ayandris rises out of the tomb, bringing with her a wave of icy chill to the room.She said Burke had ‘no relationship with Jill Wilks or the baby and there is no reason for her to go anywhere near the grave’.The court heard that Mr Wilks, of Tuffley, Gloucester, had known Burke as a client through his work for a finance group.However, upon touching it, she has a vision of a hill-giant holding the mace, killing swathes of wood-elves.

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