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During the show he makes a references to his real-life show, The Lazlow Show.He is always introducing Integrity 2.0 as "The Lazlow Show," also, he makes a comment, "..sixteen year olds could drink and listen to metal music, you could smoke in bars, and get into high speed accidents..." which is a reference to the intro of The Lazlow Show in late 2006.Deciding to try a return to radio, Lazlow raised enough funds in 2008 to start up a new radio station in Algonquin, named Integrity 2.0.His program on the station involves himself exploring Algonquin and interviewing people on the streets (likely due to him not actually having a physical studio to work from); unfortunately, his interviewing manner is poor, and it seems that his fame has waned — the people on the street whom he interviews show disdain for him, and for radio in general (even "Radio 2.0", as Lazlow calls it).He has also written a book, which is awaiting publication.In the mission Fame or Shame, Michael De Santa and Trevor Philips barge in on the Fame or Shame auditions at the Maze Bank Arena.He also has a LCPD record but the LCPD don't know his surname, claiming that the mystery of his surname, in the GTA world, is still unsolved and claiming the stupidity of the LCPD, as they never asked Lazlow what is his surname is.

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The two chase Lazlow out of the arena, where he is eventually confronted and humiliated by Trevor at the Los Santos River.In Reuniting the Family, Lazlow is talking to Tracey in a Vinewood tattoo parlor.Lazlow tells Tracey that if she gave him a blowjob, he would give her a second chance on the show; however Michael and his son Jimmy show up at the parlor, and Michael pierces Lazlow's face several times, draws a phallic tattoo on either his back or chest, and clips his ponytail.Lazlow is sponsored by Zi T, a program that will identify songs playing on the radio; he "presents" the company's automated greeting messages but the Zi T adverts still make fun of his need to be in the public eye, "...Our needy, washed up celebrity" By 2008, Lazlow is forty-six, having been born in 1962.He loves the rock and roll life style, although he doesn't actually live it, and worships every morning at his mirror.

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