Delta goodrem dating seal


The magazine claimed Seal's assistant hinted that the pair are looking for a place in Sydney together, in either Bondi or Elizabeth Bay, with a private entrance.

Sources told the publication that 'Delta and Seal were always finding opportunities to touch each other' on the TV series and their chemistry was 'hotter than ever'.Close friends of the Innocent Eyes songstress, insisted she has openly voiced her desire to get married and have babies with her co-star. She loves that Seal is a family man who talks nonstop about his kids - it's really attractive to her,' an insider revealed.The source also claimed Delta is '100 per cent committed' to Seal.Meanwhile, he admitted recently it’s Delta’s “vulnerability” that he finds so attractive.The striking pair – who were photographed locking lips at the TV Week Logies in 2012 – put their relationship on the backburner for years, but now friends say the timing is finally right for them to go public and move forward with their romance. But her dear friend and fellow coach, Boy George, thinks Seal is all wrong for Delta.'I might be being controversial but I think Seal fancies the pants off Delta, and her pants are tight,' he said.

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