Dealing with your ex wife dating dating a hiv positive


I didn’t want him back so all I could do was just say, “I’m really happy for you.” And I was happy for him.

It actually made my life easier to just let it be and not make a stink over it.

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Mutual friends in the know may be forthcoming with details as well.Learning the details will only increase your queasiness.Cultivating a 'c'est la vie' attitude toward life can help you to move through this painful situation.You check the rest of the photos and see that this other person invading your ex’s profile pictures is your ex’s new beau.And the worst part is that each photo is radiating joy and sunshine and all the good things in the world. This probably shouldn’t bother you all that much if you’re already in a happy state in your life.Accept that just as you have no control over whether it's sunny or rainy tomorrow, your ex's choices are equally as uncontrollable.

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