Deal your friend dating your crush


Getting some space can help you save your sanity and your friendship.Don’t overanalyze Speaking of mixed signals, does it seem like your crush likes you back sometimes, even if they told you they didn’t?Sure, it could have been because you didn’t like them as a person, but I bet there are other people in your life who you think are great (like many of your friends), but — for whatever reason — you wouldn’t consider dating them.That doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with them! Be kind to yourself, like you would be to someone else.It’s hard when we have feelings for someone who doesn’t feel the same way about us.Just remember this happens to almost everybody at some point and that it’s actually a good thing.This will look different for each of us, but a few ways to do this could include not talking about each of your loves lives, not being alone with them and not spending all of your free time together.

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Rather than analyze everything your crush has ever said or done to make you think they like you as more than just a friend, take them at their word.Listed below are 10 things to do while you are suffering from a terrible heartbreak or a similar condition on the lines mentioned above: The very first thing you must try to know is the extent to which your crush likes your best friend. Or has your crush developed deep roots of emotions for your bestie?If latter is the case, you can’t really do much about it other than making sure he/she doesn’t return getting hurt.Channeling all that negative energy into something positive might be just the thing you need right now.Get perspective Have you ever had to tell someone you don’t have romantic feelings for them when they had those feelings for you? Even if you haven’t, chances are someone has had a crush on you and you didn’t feel the same way.What if that “someone” is none else than your own best friend? Everyone understands that finding your crush liking your best friend is a pathetic situation but this does not mean you stand at the dead end of the world.

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