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Yet recently, the denomination seems to be accepting much of what is called the emergent church movement and its ideology, and many are asking why?

Those at the forefront of the emergent church movement will tell you that they are simply questioning whether our “old” ways of reaching out and evangelizing can be used to reach the young generation anymore.

I am writing this because I love the Nazarene church, yet I am deeply saddened at what is happening to it. The denomination was founded 100 years ago with the help of Phineas Bresee, who left the Methodist church when they disagreed with his vision of reaching out to the poor and downtrodden.

I grew up Nazarene, became a Christian at 18, and I still am a Nazarene.

Professors such as Thomas Oord of Northwest Nazarene University are teaching Open Theism, the heresy that God does not know the future, among other heresies.

Professors such as Karl Giberson at Eastern Nazarene College are teaching that evolution is fully compatible with the Bible.

But in reality, what this movement is trying to do is to change or re-define almost everything that has been taught as orthodox Christianity for 2,000 years, and a common phrase they use is that they are in a “conversation”.

Unfortunately, that conversation will go on forever without ever getting to the truth.

Even Nazarene Theological Seminary is going “contemplative”, promoting a “spiritual formation” retreat at a Catholic retreat center a few days before General Assembly.I believe I can make a case that the church is already well on its way to abandoning its holiness roots and sound Christian doctrine, and has been for some time.One of the problems with writing about the emergent church movement is that even though this movement has come into practically all denominations, there are still many people and church leaders who never heard of this movement.The emphasis by the denomination on holiness and sanctification are probably its most visible identifying markers.“Holiness unto the Lord” is one of the most common phrases you will see inside the walls of a Nazarene church.Brothers and sisters, Paul said in Galatians: We need to be loyal to God above all else.

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