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How people think and feel about these relationships is often influenced by the unrealistic portrayals of love and romance on television (Sex in the City), in movies (Juno), and in popular music ("So Small" by Carried Underwood).College students use television and other mass media for everything from ideas on sexual expectations in romantic relationships to images of marital happiness (Aubrey, et al., 2003; Westman, et al., 2003).

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Brandi Glanville recently leaked Teresa is filming in preparation for her departure to prison and there have been rumors that Bravo will be doing a spinoff with the Giudice family in Teresa’s absence.

This study focuses on how college women and men differ in their beliefs about romantic relationships.

Among the respondents, 69.9% were women; 30.1% were men.

Teresa Giudice has less than a week before she heads off to prison, and she is wasting no time getting her family into the limelight in her absence!

Rumor has it Teresa’s eldest daughter Gia, already a budding popstar, is all set to film her own reality show! Once the pilot is completed, they’ll start shopping it to the networks.”Gia’s show will hardly feature her Real Housewives Of New Jersey star mom, because Teresa will be incarcerated, of course, but Teresa will make appearances supporting her daughter. But it’s not a show about the grownups; it’s all about the girls. News, Teresa is “thrilled” for daughter, but relieved to not be the focus. She’s really not interested in being in the spotlight right now.

Despite the problems that many Americans have maintaining satisfactory marriages, as evidenced by the roughly 4 in 10 marriages ending in divorce (Hawkins, et al., 2002) and the 1 in 5 reporting domestic violence (Field and Caetano, 2005), Americans are romantics at heart. We look forward to doing so, in spite of the erosion of the traditional supports and institutions for courtship and mate selection witnessed in recent decades.

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