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Additionally, after reading the 1942 best-seller “Victory Through Air Power” by Major Alexander de Seversky, Walt, driven by his own patriotism, decided to adapt it as a 1943 live action-animated feature of the same name in order to win support for the book’s theories—considered controversial by some U. military officials—about strategic long-range bombing. Both President Franklin Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill saw the film, which reportedly made an impression on them.

The famous filmmaker had a long fascination with trains.

Disneyland’s debut was showcased in a live TV broadcast—co-hosted by then-actor Ronald Reagan and seen by approximately 70 million Americans—yet the program was riddled with technical difficulties.

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That same year, he moved to Hollywood and formed Disney Brothers Studio with his older sibling Roy.

However, Disney’s father had difficulty making a living in Marceline and sold the farm in 1910; the following year, the family relocated to Kansas City.

There, Disney’s father purchased a newspaper route and for the next six years Walt helped with the deliveries, working before and after school and on weekends.

During the war, Disney employees created educational films for various federal agencies, including a 1942 animated short, “The New Spirit,” commissioned by the Treasury Department to encourage people to pay their income taxes as a way to support the war effort.

The film, which starred Donald Duck, was shown in thousands of movie theaters and even earned an Academy Award nomination.

Walt Disney created Mickey Mouse in 1928, produced the world’s first animated feature film, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” in 1937, opened Disneyland in 1955 and along the way became one of the most iconic figures of the 20th century.

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