Dating skills test


I wanted to buy my next car with a minimum of righteous outrage, personal embarrassment or excessive debt. I picked a car-shopping app that promised to connect me with my dream car at a dream price.

The last time I was looking for a car, a Republican was in the White House and Netflix still sent me DVDs. This is when I realized that my online dating experience could guarantee me a happy outcome: I would find the car of my dreams.So when car shopping, I made sure to broaden my search.I wanted not just a stylish car, but also a safe and reliable one that wouldn’t swallow my paycheck or crumple up like an accordion if rear-ended on the freeway.So when we went out to the lot, it was sitting there in all its shiny, new-car glory.When I got in for the test drive, I knew we were meant to be together.” Experience taught me to delete those canned replies immediately. The first misfire was at a fancy luxury dealership.

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