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With 20 outfits to find, 14 unique endings to experience, and 18 different kinds of music and dance styles to choose from (including Waltz, Latin dance, Tango, Ballroom, and much more), there's no shortage of things to see and do!Do you have what it takes to win one of the prince’s hearts?The events aren't happening either - brutal." is a DS game, it's harder to circumvent this sort of copy protection.PC pirates could just download a secondary crack or patch for this kind of thing, but it'll take more time for the ROM itself to be hacked to remove this most insidious and unrelenting DRM.Once you've convinced a prince to be your dancing partner, it's time to go out on the dance floor!You'll use the Touch Screen to guide your character gracefully across the dance floor while matching your partner’s rhythm.It's kind of geared toward young girls, but I bought it anyway as I would like more female dating sims to come over from Japan. The dances are an easy version of Elite Beat/Ouendan, and it's pretty fun to pick dialogue choices for your character to thing: in order to complete your scrapbook you have to play the game through to the end several different times, and you have to pick different princes for dance partners.The other princes that you played through with are still in the game and I feel kind of sad for them. I mean of course it's fun to play, the story isn't CRAZY AMAZING but it sure does make a bunch of WTF moments.

Their are 6 main princes: Vince, Kiefer, Klaus, Luciano, Liam and Cesar.

It'll eventually be cracked, but in the meantime the lovestruck pirates must face a terrible choice: Either they pay real money to get their virtual girlfriends, or they stay lonely until the girls can be patched.

You step through a portal into a magical world where you’re a princess!

This game is sparkles, magical girl type transformations, sparkles, princes, sparkles, dancing, sparkles, a transforming rabbit as your dance teacher, and oh, did I mention the sparkles?

Seriously, a lot of stuff sparkles in this game, though it actually isn't a downside.

" "After 100 days she still won't let me become her boyfriend.

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