Dating man married but separated

And there were some other situations when his spontaneous reaction showed so clearly that he loves me.Furthermore, he's getting jealous when I go out for dinner with someone he doesn't know or when I wear (in his opinion) to sexy clothes for work.) kids, me always coming second to his kids, lonely christmas and weekends etc.), in return, he's not even willing to spend more nights at my place to make me believe he's actually separated.On the other hand, he is the cutest guy you can imagine.He really gives me a feeling of being someone special, not only by telling me but by the way he acts and cares about me.There are various examples I could tell you but I guess this questions is already long enough..When I told him recently that I doubt if he's actually separated, he seemed to be frankly hurt (not upset).What hurts me most is that after all that I'm willing to tolerate (him being still married and not really wanting to get divorced because of insurance issues and his 4 (!

Why did he undertake such huge efforts just for sex (I'm not an extremely good-looking woman...)If he's actually separated, WTF does his reaction now mean?Next day he sent me various text messages and got a little desperate when I didn't immediately answer.But at the end of the day, everything seemed to be alright again.However last time we met, when he (again) refused to stay for the night, I kind of got crazy and told him that this sucks and that he's selfish and that I don't believe him anymore that he's really separated and that this is the only reason why he doesn't want to stay.He left without having this issue setteled down although I asked him to stay.It doesn't mean he will leave his wife and family though. If he's actually separated, WTF does his reaction now mean?

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