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All of the food at Café Nasch is vegan, and coffee drinks can be made with soy, oat or cow milk. Still we were able to try a delicious tofu Vörek (Nasch’s vegan spin on a Turkish specialty), a tofu wrap, and a super sweet peanut butter chocolate chip cookie. Then we took a walk around the Gängeviertel to see the architecture and graffiti.We will definitely be returning to the Gängeviertel in the new year!We both like this small, cozy market because it is nowhere near as crowded as the markets near the Rathaus, Binnenalster, and Altona.Then we made our way home to get to work making our bell pepper and onion pizza. Then we settled in to watch , but since we both know the films so well we understood almost everything. these next two weeks, I couldn’t have imagined a better way to spend our last day together in Hamburg this year, and I am excited to continue my adventures this Christmas with my wonderful friends in Texas.The current residents moved in to protect this historic district from being destroyed.Now there are apartments, bars, cafés and more, plus tons of cool graffiti! and I began the adventure with lunch at Café Nasch. and I arrived late (we were on the Spanish eating schedule), and they were out of the vegan burger.We also made hot cocoa (with soy milk) to go with the cookies.I forgot to chill the coconut milk overnight, so we couldn’t make the coconut whipped cream.

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After stuffing ourselves with yummy cookies (the marmalade hearts were the best!Soon it was time to place the cookies on the sheet, but the dough was way too sticky.Our first batch of stars looked more like flowers (or shapeless blobs) than anything.), so we walked back to the Rindermarkthalle at Feldstrasse to buy pizza-making supplies.Then before taking the train back home, we stopped at the Weihnachtsmarkt in the Schanzenviertel for the last Glühwein of the season.I found a vegan recipe for these Christmas cookies (see below).

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