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The stone projectile point embedded in the skeleton's pelvis was described and analyzed (Fagan 1999).Bone samples were taken and dated to confirm the ancient date for the remains (Mc Manamon 2000).This characterization ignores the detailed, intensive, and wide-ranging scientific investigation of the Kennewick remains undertaken to determine the facts relevant to the questions in the case and report them.Many news reports have inaccurately suggested that scientific study of the Kennewick remains has not occurred, or is being hidden from the American public. A number of studies have been conducted and reported on.

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Enclosure 2: Comparison between Studies Initiated by the Department of the Interior on the Kennewick Human Remains and Those Requested and Recommended by Plaintiffs (Bonnichsen et al. United States) Chapter 5: Final Report on the Physical Examination and Taphonomic Assessment of the Kennewick Human Remains (CENWW.97.

Local experts tell the station Fox 8 the ancient bones could belong to Hopewell or Delaware tribes of Native Americans.

The Hopewell culture flourished in Ohio and elsewhere in eastern North America as early as 100 BC, according to the site

The Coshocton County Sheriff's Office says a coroner has concluded the bones discovered on June 21 in a field above Mohawk Dam are approximately 900 years old.

A man hunting for arrowheads found the skeletal fragments and called 911.

Claims were made by Indian tribes, local officials, and some members of the scientific community. In March, 1998, the Department of the Interior and National Park Service agreed to assist the COE in resolving some of the issues related to the Federal case.

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