Dating for nappy lovers in essex


The main thing with Motherease, or any 2-part system is getting the wrap right.Most nappies will do their job of soaking up wee and poo, it is the outer wrap that is the crucial part.I have 3 children and have used cloth nappies with all of them.They say that once you get to child no.2 it is cheaper even with washing costs.My advice is to buy only 1 at a time and try it out.Depending on your child's shape, different nappies will fit better or worse.Lastly, flat (old fashioned terry squares plus a wrap) Definately the cheapest option but gives the biggest bum!

Sorry this is a bit of an epic bit of advice, hope you find it useful. I used Bambino Mio with both of mine (as i couldn't afford to buy a whole new set again!I found they were quite prone to leaking around the legs and the waterproof outer rubbed against her skin, especially her tummy.In fact I still have them in my mum's loft, however I will be buying a different brand to use with our next LO. Motherease which are great but I find them wide between the legs so shes a bit 'John Wayne' Wonderoos which are great and have are adorably cute designs and sooo soft, great absorbancy but the inserts take ages to dry and are expensive but wash well.Nappies at The Nappy Lady: real nappies, cloth nappy, reusable nappies, washable nappies My favourite nappies are Pop'n'gros.The original version is a birth-to-potty all-in-one nappy - quick drying, deep leg gussets and flexibility where you put the 2 boosters.We only stopped using them as they didn't seem such a good fit on ds2.

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