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I tried everything with him but eventually I broke down to social services saying, ‘How do you expect me to undo seven years of abuse?

’” The boy, now 12, ended up in a secure unit, although it says a lot about Debbie’s care and warmth that when asked which child she thinks she made the most difference to over the years, she pauses and names him.

For more information on being a foster carer, see and uk.

Yolanda told David - a 16-time-Grammy-winning music producer who has worked with the likes of Bryan Adams and Christina Aguilera - that she did the shoot just before she was got sick after being diagnosed with Lyme disease at the end of 2012.

He later admitted to the camera: 'When I first fell in love with Yolanda I'll be honest with you - it was the physical first.

One of them was a seven-year-old boy who’d been known to social services since he was born.

“He’d seen an immense amount of domestic abuse and drugs and alcohol abuse, he’d been left on his own a lot, and he’d been expelled from three schools – even from a lock-down school.

Some still call her when they’re having a crisis.“Mum definitely goes above and beyond the role of foster parent – she’s exceptional and I’m so proud of her,” says Lydia.

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