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Hi, I'm after some guidance to help me select a new helmet as I'm a little overwhelmed at all the options available!

I'm replacing a pretty old 'no-name' helmet that's quite bulky and my key criteria are: Due to the issue of fit, I think I'll be buying in person rather than online, although good deals online will help with negotiations (I know I could try in person and then buy online but I'd prefer to support a shop if they're providing good service).

Just unfortunate I have to pay 2-3 times the price for everything.

I'm only starting out myself so take this for what it's worth, but for helmets I found the Bontrager ones with their "fit-system" good—you just turn a knob on the back and it tightens down around your head preventing it from twisting or sitting funny.

I will make it a permanenfixture on the MTB though.

So, any suggestions on a small, but effective pump to take with me on the road bike?

That one is good value though, and super cheap if you can get free shipping or amortise with other purchases. The 757 is identical but with a removable peak and matt (vs gloss of the road version) colour scheme. Or if you want a specific colour, under 0 around town. Although slightly cheaper than their obsoleted 909/910, it's LIMAR's nicest helmet.

I bought this when they had it on special but it looks too big on the road bike.

If there's a need for that, then = bought the wrong bike.

That said, the biggest practical change one can make on any MTB to reduce rolling resistance on bitumen/bike path is simply running a city tread pattern and tyre profile. Marginally larger footprint, but more importantly, better suited to urban purpose profile and usually thicker rubber treaded with sipes.

I might invest in a trainer too just so I don't have to get out on the road and annoy people big time.

Plus, it will be handy when it's bucketing down after work (after being sunny all day grrr) and I can't get out for a ride (which seems to be quite often). Yes, I forgot to mention that you should oil the contact parts of the cleats too.

It's there for a reason, and other considerations notwithstanding, is TPI vs load related (safety). The stipulated max pressure is for an average weight rider.

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