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With monofocal IOLs, the lens bends the light so that it will form a focus point on the retina of the eye.

A surgeon can chose an IOL that focuses light best coming from distant objects, or a stronger powered IOL that focuses light better from near objects.

Compared to the Crystalens accommodating lens, the Re Zoom and Re STOR multifocal lenses may allow for better near vision, sufficient enough to read newsprint.

This was evident in the FDA trial of the Re STOR multifocal lens; 84% of Re STOR patients achieved 20/25 distance vision, and near vision which allowed newsprint to be easily read.

For people frustrated by the need for reading glasses, multifocal lenses offer a good alternative.

Most patients choosing a monofocal lens choose to have good distance focus, and use reading glasses to help with near vision tasks.

If any ladies have had their eyes done for close vision rather than distance, can you tell me can you see ok to use your i Phone and do your eye make-up?

Equally, any ladies who have had their eyes done for distance vision, how do you find it for using i Phone, seeing texts, and doing eye make-up?

Apparently make-up glasses are a huge nuisance and not terribly successful.

Any advice from either a patient or a professional would be most welcome.

I'm also concerned that if they are done for distance I won't be able to see properly to do my make-up, particularly eye-make-up, which is important to me.

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