Courtship and dating questions ldss


What I will say, though, is that I am grateful to have a prophet who cares enough about young single adults to provide us with dating standards.

What a blessing it is to have guidelines that help us keep the spirit of the Lord with us in such weighty matters as dating and marriage.

The dictionary provides us two slightly different definitions for "passion" that I think are worth differentiating: 1) "any powerful or compelling emotion, as love or hate," and 2) "strong sexual desire; lust." I would posit that powerful and compelling emotions such as love are and should be an important part of romance, courtship and eventual marriage.

In fact, I believe that a kiss devoid of compelling emotion toward the other party might be the epitome of casual kissing. Some LDS dating standards seem to be created less because the activities are wrong in and of themselves, and more because they help us avoid next-step wrong behavior.

I think this is sort of the point of Jesus’ admonition that “whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.” Physical attraction is, of course, all well and good, but lending undue gravity to physical attraction can shift a relationship’s focus and stunt its emotional and spiritual progress.

I’m not going to go into any more detail or define lust for you.

I hope as you read this short scene, you felt uncomfortable.

What was a married woman with four children and a seemingly strong marriage thinking to go out with the husband of another woman? Sister Gordon and Brother Jones were capable adults with years of world experience.

For example, suppose I had this bag of pretzels, which is nearly as endless as my capacity to kiss.As a car pulls to a stop in the front driveway, she swiftly gathers up her purse and flies down the stairs to greet her visitor. Her husband, Jim, comes over to shake the visitor’s hand. ” “There is no one I can think of whom I would rather see her with, besides myself of course.” Jim chuckles, “Try not to be out too late sweetheart and enjoy your evening!Brother Gordon sits quietly on the couch, reading the evening news when the expectant knock comes. ” and with a parting kiss, Jim waves goodbye as his wife and Brother Jones go out, hand in hand, for an entertaining evening.WARNING: Do NOT read this article if you are content with contemporary society or happy with the direction this world is heading.It is a beautiful Friday night and the Gordon home is stirring with excitement as Sister Gordon, a wife and mother to four children, puts the final touches on her hair, makeup and evening dress. ” gushes Sister Gordon as she swings open the door. I have a wonderful night planned and it will be great to catch up on life!I believe this is the attitude President Kimball meant to discourage us from applying to kissing.

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