Consolidating file servers


The basic path to database consolidation is: Example 17-1 Determining Whether a Database Is a CDB The following simple query determines whether the database to which an administrative user is currently connected is a non-CDB, or a container in a CDB: SQL statement creates a PDB.

Operations that act on an entire non-CDB act in the same way on an entire CDB, for example, when using Oracle Data Guard and database backup and recovery.

By storing its own dictionary metadata, a PDB becomes easier to manage as a distinct unit, even when only one PDB resides in a CDB.

Benefits of data dictionary separation include the following: For the duration of its existence, a database is either a CDB or a non-CDB.

E5-2600 v4 family processor performance, easy manageability and top energy efficiency ensure cost-efficient operation.

The 1U small-size housing delivers optimal density for large scale-out installations including up to 384 GB DDR4 memory meet demands emerging in the field of web hosting, managed CRM services, shared, managed or private cloud environments, or other Xaa S solutions.

– provides a secure space for employees and teams of small and midsize businesses and distributed organizations to store and share files collaboratively.

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