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Debt consolidation has many benefits: Your first step is to apply to your bank or financial institution to see if you qualify for a consolidation loan.

Or perhaps the years of juggling payments have already started to affect your credit rating.They are looking to see if you can afford to pay for the consolidation loan you are seeking.To make the application process easier you should bring the following information to the meeting: The main risk in consolidating your debt is it can be a Band-Aid solution.Visit a CIBC local branch, or call a CIBC advisor at These provinces allow you to apply for both loans with one application, and after graduation, they consolidate the student loans via the Integrated Student Loans program. There are some provinces and territories that only offer one type of loan, either federal or provincial/territorial, so you’ll only have one loan to repay anyway.These include: In all remaining provinces, you could apply for both federal and provincial loans with one application, but these student loans will not be consolidated upon graduation.When an individual owes debt to a lot of different lenders or accounts it is difficult to keep on top of the monthly payments.

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