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Mr Hutchins is likely to have to pay a huge bail to be released and will not be able to leave America.

His friends and supporters say that he has been set up.

Hutchins, from Ilfracombe, Devon, plans to plead not guilty to all six counts of creating and distributing the Kronos malware, his lawyer said after his hearing in Las Vegas on Friday.

Andrew Mabbitt, a British digital security specialist who had been staying in Las Vegas with Hutchins, said he and his friends grew worried when they got 'radio silence' from Hutchins for hours.Yesterday, his mother Janet Hutchins said it was 'hugely unlikely' that her son was involved because he has spent 'enormous amounts of time' combating such attacks.Jake Williams, a respected US cybersecurity researcher, said they have worked on various projects, including training material, and the Briton always refused payment. I can't reconcile the charges with what I know about him. It’s not as though the game was hard to find in the Windows Store.Heck, all you had to do was type “soli” on the Start Screen and wait a few seconds and Windows 8 would show you the way.Federal officers were able to see he entered the country by matching his name and date of birth with flight rosters and were waiting for him as arrived to fly home from Nevada.

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