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And this started with that first subversive choice - choosing sober me, regardless of what anyone else felt or thought.3. We don't think often think about the toll drinking takes on our energy - but it's hefty. The beer belly that I'd come to accept as my beer baby went away, and shifting from the bar scene to the yoga scene inevitably reshaped my body.There's the hours spent actually consuming, in scenes that tend to also be energy thieving. Sobriety and younger/better looks is a one-two punch.

We tend to be in a constant state of dehydration, and we tend to exchange healthy food calories for empty alcohol calories which zaps further energy. Every other word out of my mouth used to be "I'm so tired" - I dragged. And two, you spend more time doing things that make you look good. By the time I was nearing the end of my drinking career, the moments I enjoyed life were few and far between.And finally, there is the brain drain that comes from worrying about our drinking, trying to moderate, thinking about if we will/if we won't, what we might have done when we were intoxicated. Since I quit drinking, the amount of energy I've gained/saved/transmuted is incalcuable. (If you want to know why and how alcohol makes you ugly, here you go). I had for the most part lost my joy, and couldn't quite grasp exactly what the point of it all was.The present moment constantly evaded me, and the simple things were never enough - my mind was stuck in major fear patterns, consumed by the past, afraid of what was to come, hateful of what was. On this side of things - not just quitting drinking but doing the work that I've done to support it - I find myself in complete appreciation and gratitude of the world around - and all of it. One of the things I loved so much about drinking was the complete shedding of having to be anything in those moments of zero inhibition.Others managed until Monday before admitting the first day back at work had left them 'gagging for wine'.Participants of the Go Sober for October campaign (uk) are encouraged to raise vital funds for Macmillan Cancer Support by asking friends and family to sponsor them to stay off the booze.The life before I learned what it meant to not drink, and the life after.

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