Chatroulette random dick

If I could retract my statements I would but I do not have a time machine.

I wish that I did have a time machine, I would take my Macbook Pro back to 1984 and visit Steve Jobs.

I am touched by your concern for my health, happiness and social acceptance.

I actually am not fat and would usually be described as a bit too skinny.

A live streaming website where you connect with completely random strangers with a webcam and microphone.

Every other person you connect to is a horny dude wanking, or if you're a chick, you are asked to see your tits.

At any point, either user may leave the current chat by initiating another random connection.After selling my laptop to him for millions I would return to the present.I could do this several times as each time the present technologies would have changed. I am currently sitting in a cave by myself, sustaining myself on beetles, powering my laptop by an ingenious array of pulleys and flywheels constructed from small lizards and tree sap from the local flora.Due to some controversial content (1-8 feeds being of an adult nature) it is not recommended for kids. From: Richard Matthews Date: Tuesday 7.42pm To: David Thorne Subject: Rove Fuck you retard wydont you shut up!Thank you for that in-depth psychoanalysis which is so accurate as to be uncanny.

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