Chat random people without signing up


People want to learn more about you and your book, your background and inspiration, so the reading portion should be 15 min max.Don’t rush and don’t use jargon or pretentious language. Look up, pause, perhaps throw in an aside, connect, connect, connect.But again, make sure to ask the venue – some bookstores might prefer Mondays, because they have a weekly bookclub meeting and members tend to stay for events later on.

Everyone loves a good story, no one loves sitting for two hours while you read from your book, your face buried in the pages.Confirm that the venue host/events coordinator or whoever is introducing you will tell people how to buy your book and where you will be signing them BEFORE and AFTER your presentation. Even if you have a tiny crowd, pictures of you and your book with the store in the background can save the day for social media.Also designate someone to collect people’s contact info for your mailing list.The rest of your presentation should be Q&A style to invite conversation which is why you should have another friend be the designated instigator to pose questions to you, so that the audience knows it’s ok to raise their hands and do the same. That means a pen that doesn’t smear or bleed through the pages.Conclude with the giveaway of books to 2-3 people who signed up for your mailing list. Practice your signature and think about what kinds of things you want to write beforehand, so that you don’t freeze up when people suddenly line up all around the bookstore to get your signature.She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in film from UCLA and a Master’s Degree in Screenwriting from The American Film Institute. When you’re creating your list of potential venues, be mindful of location. Does the size of the venue match up with your expected number of guests? Life is full of surprises and some things cannot be foreseen, so as much as you can, be prepared, and make sure the day of your event gives you the best chances of getting as many people as possible to cut two hours out of their busy lives to attend your event.

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